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CEOs are constantly trying to reinvent their brands. They want to ensure that they stay relevant, connected, and distinguished. But do they have the right formula for building the brand?

B.U.I.L.D. your brand, from the ground-up

CEOs, no matter how personally attached they are to their brand, don’t define it. It’s their employees that do. Front-line employees are responsible for every touch point, and every interaction a customer has with the organization. Not only are they the face of the brand, but they are the ones who are most insightful when it comes to defining it – and they assume the most ownership of it.

How do you empower them to B.U.I.L.D the brand?

The process of brand building doesn’t end here – it’s just beginning. However, if you communicate this mantra throughout the organization, you will have the right blueprint for building a brand that has a strong foundation in your employee base – which will invite your customers to feel right at home in what you have built.

Ray Beharry is a Marketing & Sales Leader based out of the Greater New York City area. He can be reached via LinkedIn, email – ray.beharry@gmail.com, and is also on Twitter @RayBeharry.